May 18, 2022

Global Smart Headphones Market

Global Smart Headphones Market

2022 & Years Ahead will Witness Many Innovations

The global smart headphones market is booming, witnessing growing unit sales. The growing penetration of smart audio devices and advances in audio technologies allow the market to garner rising revenues year by year. Besides, increasing spending on high-end electronic products, majorly smartphones and wearable devices, provides impetus to the market growth.

Wired/wireless earphones and headphones perfectly suit wearable and mobile applications, including smartphones, smartwatches, and portable audio devices. Usually syncing up with phones, tablets, computers or other Bluetooth-enabled devices effectively and wirelessly, smart headphones witness a wide uptake among smartphone and laptop users.

With their cost-competitive and user-friendly features, these audio devices perceive an increasing demand worldwide. The global Smart Headphones Market is projected to reach a valuation of USD 33.07 BN by 2030, growing at a massive 32.4% CAGR between 2021 and 2030, states Market Research Future.

Upgrades in audio technologies, such as noise cancellation and Bluetooth-enabled technologies, are key driving forces. Increased technology integration in headphones and the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and wearables drive the market significantly. The rise in numbers of professional gamers and the proliferation of gaming technology boost the headphones market size.

Technology Trends

In addition to enhanced sound quality, smart headphones offer a wide range of features. Some of the most popular ones include ambient noise adjustment/reduction, wireless charging cases, touch-based controls, fitness and/or biometric tracking, real-time translation of languages, voice commands, hands-free phone calls, and water-resistant/ waterproof design.

Besides, smart headphones also offer huge onboard data storage, and most models have 4GB storage allowing the upload of large-sized training sessions. These hearables work on an operating system that updates and fixes bugs while adding more features to make them smarter.

Waterproof models are good for swimmers, while smart earbuds with real-time translation features can translate as many as 40 languages in no time. Smart hearables can use the biometric data gathered in sync with smartphones to provide real-time fitness coaching, providing pacing advice and feedback on running techniques.

Industry Trends

The introduction of truly wireless headphones and their rapid adoption among consumers are major trends being witnessed worldwide. The rising demand for smart headphones and low entry barriers make this market a highly attractive space for new entrants and well-funded audio-tech start-ups.

Considering the steadily rising demand, many smart headphone manufacturers are concentrating on developing low to medium-priced categories. This will shift the consumer inclination towards cost-competitive models with low protection and a few gestures or biometric features.

The rising design focuses on smarter technologies and advances in voice-enabled artificial intelligence (AI), enabling smart headphones to reshape human-machine interaction. Also, there have been significant changes across the value chain, impacting the smartphone OEMs and hardware/software. Smart headphones have evolved greatly, witnessing significant innovations.

Recent Product Launches

The market is witnessing increasing product launches enhanced with futuristic technology and features. For instance, recently, Apple launched AirPods Pro 2, designed with a significantly upgraded wireless chip and improvements in active noise cancellation, better battery life and some new audio-related functions.

On May 09, 2022, Portronics, a pioneer in the innovative and portable digital product market, launched a smart gaming headset –Genesis. Designed to assist with gaming skills while being a discreet performer, Genesis is built with an attractive yet rugged and adjustable frame combining the strength and versatility of metal and polycarbonate. Also, it is designed for extreme and prolonged gaming sessions.

On Feb. 10, 2022, Samsung launched the conceptual Samsung Level smart headphones featuring an over-ear design that would come as a more immersive experience. The slick design of the headphone features a touch-sensitive surface on the exterior that allows intuitive interaction with multimedia without needing conventional buttons. A 3.5mm headphone port would make the conceptual Samsung Level smart headphones functional for gamers and eSports viewers, allowing them to connect with a video game console.

Technology Upgrades to be Seen

Over the past couple of years, deployments of voice-based AI technology have sped up substantially. Many technology enablers are looking to improve AI algorithms & silicon capability and hardware system intelligence and specifications facilitating AI applications.

Smart wireless earphones have the potential to significantly improve accuracy in voice-recognition technologies. They can also aid in collecting consumer biometric data that can be used in high-end AI algorithm training & inference and expand the range of applications. Additionally, OEMs manufacturing smart earphones would be able to slice even a larger share of total AI assistant devices.

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